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La Paloma restaurant

Located in the charming village of San Lorenzo, La Paloma is a restaurant that offers an authentic taste of the island. Established in 2004 by a family with a deep love for fresh, homemade food, it is a B-Ibiza firm favourite.

The restaurant began in a restored finca, revitalised to complement its rural setting. Chef Prasuna Coppini, who learned traditional Italian cooking from her mother in Tuscany, leads the kitchen. Her dishes combine her Tuscan roots with a flair inspired by her global travels, always prioritising the quality of the ingredients.

At La Paloma, the focus is on sustainability and supporting the local community, values that resonate with our ethos at B-Ibiza. The menu features locally sourced organic ingredients wherever possible, supporting Ibiza’s farmers and small Italian agricultural projects.

La Paloma offers a dynamic dining experience with a menu that shifts from Middle Eastern-inspired dishes during the day to Italian cuisine in the evening.

For those looking to celebrate special occasions, La Paloma provides tailored experiences. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or another celebration, the restaurant’s team handles every detail with care.

A Hidden Gem Near B-Ibiza

Explore S'Estanyol Beach

Tucked away, a short walk from our villas, S’Estanyol beach is one of Ibiza’s best-kept secrets. This small, pebbly cove, measuring 50 metres in length, offers a tranquil escape on the island.

Access to S’Estanyol is part of its charm. The beach is reachable by a rugged dirt track, signposted from the northeast end of Talamanca Bay, and ending in a free parking area from which a short walk leads you to the beach.

S’Estanyol’s unique setting features a mix of a small sandy strip favoured by families, and a rocky area with old fishermen’s huts, popular among sun and sea lovers seeking solitude. The beach’s sometimes seaweed-strewn shoreline and rustic huts add to its untouched, natural hideaway appeal.

The sea entrance from the main sandy area leads to smooth seabed and crystal-clear waters—perfect for a refreshing swim. Bathing shoes are recommended for those entering the water near the fishermen’s huts due to the rocky bottom. The surrounding waters are excellent for snorkelling, allowing you to explore underwater life.

At B-Ibiza, we love the hiking trails that start from S’Estanyol beach and follow the coastline. These paths offer endlessly beautiful sea views, perfect for catching sunrises and sunsets, and the chance to connect with the natural beauty of Ibiza.

casetas varadero

The fishermens' huts of Ibiza

At B-Ibiza, we are enchanted by the island’s culture and landscapes. Among the elements that capture the essence of Ibiza’s coastline are the traditional fisherman’s huts, known locally as Casitas Varadero. These huts vividly symbolise the island’s heritage and connection to the sea.

Scattered along the coast, the humble structures were originally built to protect fishing boats and gear from the winter storms. Today, they number around 1,500, dotting the shoreline in clusters that offer a glimpse into the traditional Ibizan way of life. While many still serve their original purpose, locals have lovingly adapted others for leisure, becoming retreats where families gather to enjoy the sea, cook paella, and watch their children play by the water.

Each hut typically features two parallel wooden guides, allowing the traditional llaüts boats to slide easily into the water. At the back of the hut, a lathe with a rope—now often replaced by a battery motor—helps to smoothly lower the boat into the sea or retrieve it after a day’s fishing.

Several of these huts, particularly in areas like our very own S’Estanyol, or Sa Caleta and Sa Punta des Molí, have been declared of Cultural Interest, underscoring their significance in the island’s heritage. Other notable clusters can be found in beautiful settings like Cala d’Hort, Porroig, Cala Mastella, Cala Vedella, and Es Portitxol.

A Blend of Historic Charm and Modern Luxury

Ibiza Town

Just 20 minutes from the secluded serenity of B-Ibiza’s villas lies Ibiza Town, the vibrant capital of the island, where history and contemporary lifestyle blend seamlessly. The heart of the city is Dalt Vila, or ‘Upper Town,’ a UNESCO World Heritage site that stands as a monument to the island’s rich and varied history.

Founded in the 7th century BC by Phoenician settlers, Greeks, Romans, Moors have shaped Ibiza Town, and eventually the Christian kings of Catalonia and Spain. Its imposing walls and bastions, designed in the 16th century to protect the city from pirates, now offer a peaceful refuge from the bustling city life below.

Dalt Vila is encircled by ancient walls featuring five main entrances, with Portal Nou serving as a key gateway. This entrance opens up to the old town’s narrow, cobblestone streets, lined with local eateries and shops, leading to famous plazas like Plaza del Sol and Plaza de la Reina Sofia. Here, visitors can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, coffee and cocktails while soaking up the local culture.

The area is a historical treasure and a hub for modern amenities and entertainment. Notable establishments like The Standard and Sir Joan hotels integrate luxury living with architectural heritage. These venues offer vibrant nightlife options, including stylish rooftop bars and pools that attract travellers seeking an elite island experience.

With its beachside location, the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay provides a retreat close to the nightlife, complete with a Six Senses spa and the fine dining Spanish pop-up, Gusto, by chef Nieves Barragán.

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